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John Paul Louis – Fire and Smoke [Review]

John Paul Louis – Fire and Smoke [Review]

Forget A Song of Fire and Ice—John Paul Louis has released his latest single ‘Fire and Smoke,’ and he’s not playing any sort of game.

Fire and Smoke - John Paul Louis ( Official Audio)

‘Fire and Smoke’ comes from the Long Island-based singer-songwriter’s upcoming album. As Louis’ instrument of choice, piano takes the helm on this track and will likely be featured heavily in the future EP.

Featuring a three-part structure (a heavy metal section, followed by samba, before ending with a coda section), ‘Fire and Smoke’ does not hold back in its delivery. Amongst apocalyptic, albeit creepy, lyrics, Louis seems to be presenting listeners with more than just music.

The song is exhilarating right off the bat as quickened piano gives way to rock-influenced electronic guitar, taking sharp turns into musical genres that listener’s would never guess are coming next. As such, Louis imitates the hills and valleys of life thoughtfully and philosophically with music as his medium.

A keep-you-on-your-feet theatrical performance, ‘Fire and Smoke’ is provoking tease at what is to come on the upcoming record.


By Madison Obermeyer

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