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Johan Ruborg – Gravel and Gold [Album Review]

Johan Ruborg – Gravel and Gold [Album Review]

Johan Ruborg has released his new album, Gravel and Gold.

The first thing that strikes you is the seamless blend of classic rock and Nick Cave-ness. Ruborg’s got plenty of practice with this as Gravel and Gold is his 4th album to date. His latest instalment is a solid bit of guitar music that will have you singing along in no time at all. On Gravel and Gold, Ruborg has shifted gear slightly, bringing in a slight bit of Americana to bring about a new take on the classic rock feel.

Gravel and Gold is a testament to how an album should be. You can tell that the track-listing has been meticulously ordered, with each song having its rightful place. You find yourself going through the ebbs and flows of what a great classic rock album has. The choice of acoustic guitar flow, juxtaposed by the crunchy electric guitar gives a solid dimension to the album, and that’s even before you consider Ruborgs powerful vocals. Gravel and Gold is the perfect album to stick on when you need a bit of a rise, or just fancy a bit of rock-like Americana in your life.

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