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Joel Sammut – Home Ghost [Review]

Joel Sammut – Home Ghost [Review]

Home Ghost is the latest track from Australian multi-instrumentalist Joel Sammut.

Having been writing music since he was 12 years old and living and working all over the world, Joel Sammut has returned to his native Sydney to record his debut album. Home Ghost is the latest taster for the upcoming album, and what a track it is! It oozes mature songwriting and arrangement talent and leaves the listener only wanting more afterwards.

The overall sound that Sammut has created here has a trip-hop fluidity and is draped in experimental nuances. The clever thing though is that he manages to make the track not overbearingly weird, which makes it accessible to all. Instead, he uses the bass to maintain the core groove and adds sprinkles of synth and guitar effects to add that experimental dimension. Home Ghost is one of a kind and I can see this being on many playlists this summer.

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