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Joe Wood – Had Enough [Review]

Joe Wood – Had Enough [Review]

Joe Wood is a twenty something upstart from NYC who proudly declares in his PR spiel that he was destined to be a musician. And you can see why.

His latest track ‘Had enough’ is a 3-minute assault of some of the very best modern pop music has to offer. There’s a whole range of influences you can hear scavenged away in this track from K-pop to Friendly Fires and back to Katy Perry. It’s a mix that otherwise might not work, but this blend gets it right throughout.

Had Enough is Joe’s take on the drawn-out issues we go through with bad relationships. It’s relatively sedate until we get into the chorus at which point the anger boils over and he starts to shout (in his polite pop music way), “We can pretend it’s all alright, till we hit tomorrow’s blowout fight. Baby what the fuck?”. Yeah, we’ve all been there and this track carries that emotion genuinely.

If the future of the charts starts to sound more like Joe’s take on pop – a hard-working self-written and produced talent – then we’ll be very happy indeed.

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