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Joe Kaplow – Little Sleep [Review]

Joe Kaplow – Little Sleep [Review]

Joe Kaplow has released his latest tune Little Sleep.

It’s a thoughtful and serene track that steadily builds momentum, ultimately ending in a crunchy cacophony of indie rock. The lazy sway sticks to you making it impossible to get away from the excellent musicianship that’s on display. It has a raw vocal style that flows over the rhythmic chord progression and well thought out lead guitar. Little Sleep has all the ingredients to make this a certified banger in the indie rock sphere.

As well as bold indie-rock traits, Joe Kaplow brings elements of country rock to the table. Little Sleep wouldn’t look out of place in Kurt Vile’s back catalogue, with a confident and emotional vibe being the backbone to this amazing track. The arrangement is spot on, too. Kaplow knows when to take the song down a notch or bring it back to the full-bodied indie anthem. You will be missing out if Little Sleep isn’t on any of your playlists.

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