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Jessta James – Inferno [Review]

Jessta James – Inferno [Review]

Jessta James shares the video for his musically-hybrid and addictive track Inferno.

Inferno by Jessta James - Official Music Video

Blending country, hip-hop and classic pop sounds, Jessta James creates something entirely unique with Inferno. He calls his unique sound “Lawless Music” and to be fair there are plenty of hints at a western soundscape taken straight from the old-time John Wayne pictures.

Inferno is a heartfelt song about true love, which manages to tow the line of edginess and cowboy sleaze in its super cool instrumentals. It explores the contrast of being helplessly drawn to someone that you know is bad for you, and the rush of surrendering to that feeling, in the heat of a moment.

The video is a slick, sexy production, heating things up to an inferno while perfectly complimenting this awesome track. Give it a listen and watch above!

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