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Up and coming Vancouver artist Jessicka is back with her new single ‘Broke and Drunk’ and an enticing new music video to go with it.

Jessicka has described the single as a “snapshot” of her life at a certain point in time where she faced unemployment and suffered every artists drudgery as many venues she could play at had closed down. The song encompasses the harsh reality of the life of an up and coming musician whilst also showing how, despite all the obstacles, she is still fighting to pursue her dream.

The seemingly major key of the piano is somewhat ironic when compared and contrasted to the somewhat de-motivated lyrical nature of the song, perhaps to imply the way that although everything seems to be going wrong, there is always hope that she’ll see her “name in the marquee/And I’ll get paid to play my song on late night TV”.

Overall, the song is incredibly pleasant to listen to what with Jessicka’s soothing vocals and her blunt but beautiful lyrics. She recently released her new EP ‘Uh-Oh’, produced by Brad Ferguson, describing it to feature the over-arching theme of coming of age, fused with the oftentimes dreary reality that one must face.


Review by Sian Vadher

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