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Jesse Saint John – MOVE [Review]

Jesse Saint John – MOVE [Review]

Jesse Saint John drops a pop bomb on us all with his latest track ‘MOVE’.

MOVE is a sledgehammer of a song. Don’t be fooled by the track’s subtle introduction, luring you into a false sense of mellow security, before bringing the hammer down with a banger of a chorus.

It’s hardly surprising that Jesse Saint John knows exactly how to craft a earworm of a pop song. This is a guy who’s written tracks for some of the world’s biggest stars. Name a popstar, and chances are he’s written for them. Camila Cabello? Yep. Charli XCX? You bet. Britney Spears? Of course!

The genius behind some of the biggest and most successful global releases and your favourite songs of the past 5 years is stepping out of the shadow and into the spotlight, with his new track.

Once you’ve recovered after first listen, it’ll only be a matter of time before you’re hitting repeat on this one. MOVE is a truly fitting title. It makes you do exactly that – in big capital letters. You’ll be yelling it out at the top of your voice.


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