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Jeremy Hunter – Some Anyone [Review]

Jeremy Hunter – Some Anyone [Review]

Can talent overcome and be enough in the ever-changing world of modern music? To ask Jeremy Hunter that question would only require him to play his latest song, ‘Some Anyone’ to which the answer would become instantly clear.

He has given prudence to the fact that talent, true as his is, can be enough to overcome the hurdles of modern song recording. Raw emotion combines with an undertow of skilful social consciousness all wrapped up in a throbbing pulse of indie rock, transporting the listener into a heady internal debate of reflection whilst still engaging in sublime entertainment.

Jeremy Hunters new song, ‘Some Anyone’, has anything but been an attempt to ride on the coat tails of his successful previous work like the profound vibe of ‘Inland Sea’ and has driven a distance away down a completely different inspirational route. Jeremy has managed to produce a song through time and dedication to his craft rarely seen, even recording parts of the song in a local bowls club.    Chipping away at a plethora of music containing raw emotions and personal insights, Jeremy has cast his keen eye upon the landscape of songs he had created and brushed away the loose debris to reveal a true gem of a song. The constant flow and ebb of undertow from the instrumentals to the raw ‘live stage’ feel to the guitar lifts the song aloft and resonates his expertise through the speakers. A heady mix of untreated and intense realism that grasps you and keeps you engaged.

Jeremy cast aside the traditional recording process and turned away from conformity to mix the song himself. Playing all the instrumentals himself before mixing the entire song by his own hand which truly conveys his talent and dedication to pushing boundaries in the music world. Jeremy aimed for a raw live feel which ‘Some Anyone’ has achieved.

Jeremy spoke candidly about his thought process in producing the song, “I wanted to see if I could make a track entirely outside of a studio, performing all the instruments, and recording and mixing them with my own gear. I ended up recording the drums in the local bowls club function room! I really love the sound of music that doesn’t sound overproduced, that has a raw edge and a live feel. Hopefully that’s the vibe that gets across.”

Brisbane is lucky to have such a talented wordsmith who not only produces soul provoking music but also shines a light on the ever-present echelons of modern society.


Review by Matthew Waters

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