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Jean~Baptiste – Better Off [Review]

Jean~Baptiste – Better Off [Review]

Better Off is the super smooth debut track from Jean~Baptiste.

Jean~Baptiste’s first single is an ode to the mental and emotional turmoil that occurs after a toxic relationship. The lyrics are from his own perspective, telling a vulnerable, full-scale recount of a personal experience. It’s a mature display of introspection from start to finish. This is fused with the sensuous musical underbelly, born out of a catchy bassline and canny use of vocal samples.

Kanye West’s ‘The College Dropout’ has clearly left an imprint on this up and coming hip hop artist. The way Jean~Baptiste moulds the vocal flow and constructs the overall vibe is similar to the hip hop icon. It’s not just the Kanye West influence that shines through here. Jean~Baptiste brings flutterings of Kendrick Lamar nuances into the mix, giving the tune a raw swagger that you can’t help but sway along too. Better Off is the first track from this talented artist, and hopefully, there will be more soon!

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