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Jasmyne Middleton – Songs, Like Letters EP [Review]

Jasmyne Middleton – Songs, Like Letters EP [Review]

Jasmyne Middleton shares her debut EP Songs, Like Letters.

Drawing from a wide array of influences, ranging from Regina Spektor to Leonard Cohen, Middleton’s debut EP showcases the very best of her songwriting ability. Tender in parts and refreshingly honest in others, the 6 track release is balanced in perfect harmony.

Songs, Like Letters centres around different perspectives of romantic relationships. The ebb and flow of the EP is masterfully arranged, with flutterings of jazz tropes accompanying soft rock and alt-pop musings. It metaphorically sums up what relationships are like perfectly.

Each track has its own genre-fusing characteristic, similar to what you would find in a Phoebe Bridges release. The fusion begins subtly and creeps up on you before you realise it’s happening. Songs, Like Letters is a treasure to behold and hopefully, there will be more to come.

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