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Jas Frank & the Intoits – In Early Mornings [Review]

Jas Frank & the Intoits – In Early Mornings [Review]

In Early Mornings is the latest single from Jas Frank & the Intoits’ exciting debut album The Girl From Cherry Valley.

Jas Frank & the Intoits - In Early Mornings [Official Video]

After featuring the first song from the album “All The Highs, All The Lows” earlier in the year (go check that out!), we’re happy to hear Jas Frank & the Intoits drop another one on us.

In Early Mornings has a more sombre, slow-placed indie-pop vibe. The track’s sombre tone is reflective of it poignant subject matter. It’s an attempt to portray the complexities and the intricacies of an abusive relationship.

This serious and tender story is conveyed beautifully through touching lyrics and a stirring vocal line. The video for the song -- which was released on November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women -- deals with the topic in a very subtle and indirect way, trying to convey that a cheerful and beautiful facade can sometimes hide a personal drama no one is aware of.

Watch the video above and make sure to follow Jas Frank & the Intoits on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest.

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