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Jao Amos – Beginnings [Review]

Jao Amos – Beginnings [Review]

Jao Amos has shared his latest album ‘Beginnings’.

Atmospheric and soul-lifting, ‘Beginnings’ is the new album to come from hip hop artist and producer Jao Amos. Written as a therapeutic project whilst in a psychiatric unit, ‘Beginnings’ represents the cathartic nature of songwriting and production as Jao Amos explores love, positivity, betrayal and heartbreak. The 30 track album ranges from cool club to chill laid back trip hop vibes, making it the perfect record for any occasion. Jao Amos explains that he keeps his lyrics emotionally honest to help the audience find and maintain their self confidence as he himself explores his own journey with mental health.

Jao Amos is a multi talented songwriter, performer, producer and lyricist who has been actively creating music for the past ten years. Having moved around alot throughout his life, he has used music as an opportunity to reflect on the impact this has had on his personal and creative life. Influenced a lot by 90s culture, he cites Eminem, 50 Cent and Miss Lauren Hill as his main influences.

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