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Jamieson Hill & JÅCK FORD – Only Time (Nostalgia Mix) [Review]

Jamieson Hill & JÅCK FORD – Only Time (Nostalgia Mix) [Review]

Jamieson Hill & Jack Ford share a reflective, addictive and pop-infused track ‘Only Time’.

There’s so much to be taken from this track, you’ll need at least a second listen. It hits you with soul, followed by indie-pop and elements of R&B, all wrapped up in an electro-inspired package.

Sultry vocals tell a deeply personal story of love, loss and regret, stemming from new connections made during travels and a feeling of helplessness looking back on the past, dwelling on missed opportunities and what could have been.

Jamieson went to great lengths in explaining the story behind this song when we received it, and while this is not the time or the place to retell his entire tale, I will leave you with one line that stood out above all: Love and emotions do not follow practicality or logic, they follow a completely different system.

Get your ears around this one above.

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