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Jake Among The Willows – Blue Backyard [Review]

Jake Among The Willows – Blue Backyard [Review]

Jake Among The Willows shares a poignant environmental message with the new track ‘Blue Backyard’.

Blue Backyard - Official Lyric Video

‘Blue Backyard’ is a gentle ode to the sheer beauty of nature and marine life, serving up laid-back tones and silky smooth vocals to create a stunning and altogether stellar track.

From soothing beginnings which draw you into Jake’s message with ease, the track reaches a beautiful crescendo (with the occasional dolphin call!) displaying the real passion he has for the song’s subject matter. The song tells an honest story of environmental troubles, swinging from a whisper to a roar and mixing blends of folk, rock and blues sounds, reminiscent of artists like Seasick Steve, Ray Lamontagne and Paolo Nutini.

Speaking of the track, Jake says: “Every living creature on planet Earth deserves a more intelligent & selfless human being…Blue Backyard is for those peaceful souls with no voice.”

You can watch the lyric video for ‘Blue Backyard’ above!

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