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JAHBOY – You’re Beautiful [Review]

JAHBOY – You’re Beautiful [Review]

Reggae-fusion artist JAHBOY has released his latest album, ‘The Green Project’ as the next installment in his ‘Colours’ trilogy.

The trilogy is meant to pay tribute to the red green and yellow commonly associated with reggae music; each color suggests words associated with it. For JAHBOY, ‘The Green Project’ is about “hope, self-belief, second chances, the environment, greed, jealousy, growth and nature.”

Hailing from Honiara, Solomon Islands, JAHBOY cultivates music rife with passion in a nod to his heritage; the playful and narrative aspects of his tracks shine with the ease of reggae beats.

In what first comes to mind as a lyrical nod to the One Direction hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ JAHBOY’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ holds its own in the love song genre and reflects the pillars of reggae: self-belief, passion, and the emotional impressions of love and nature.

The charm of island-influenced romance moves the music from your head to your shoulders to your hips—seriously, try not to sway to the beat. It’s impossible, unless you’re opposed to having a good time.

With standouts like ‘You’re Beautiful’ reaffirming JAHBOY’s love of reggae, the artist, does not hold back in experimenting with other genres on ‘The Green Project,’ a wildly successful mark of individual talent influenced and encouraged by the island.

Bottom line, you don’t need to be on a beach to move and groove with the beat of ‘You’re Beautiful.’ Pop in some headphones at your desk and take a mini holiday, no vacation days required.


By Madison Obermeyer

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