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Jack Rose – Let It Be [Review]

Jack Rose – Let It Be [Review]

‘Let It Be’ is the latest single from UK singer-songwriter Jack Rose.

At its heart, ‘Let It Be’ is a love song. It’s an ode to losing someone you love completely, but at the same time realising you have to let them go. This is all-too-relatable message is served up perfectly by Jack Rose through heartfelt lyrics and modern-balled style melodies.

The track has clear 90s pop influences, blended with more contemporary musical inflections and production techniques. Jack Rose merges some subtle hip-hop sensibilities into his verses too, before bringing in a pleasingly catchy chorus sure to rattle around your head for days.

It’s no surprise the track was recently included on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK playlists. Jack Rose seems to be an exciting talent, and we’ll hopefully be hearing much more from him in the not too distant future.

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