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Jack & Honey – Thrill [Review]

Jack & Honey – Thrill [Review]

Jack & Honey’s new track Thrill will launch you into that Friday Night Feeling of frivolity and dance.

Throw your glad rags on and don your best dancing shoes because when you hear Jack & Honey’s new track Thrill certainly manages to do what is ‘says on the tin’. Many bands can throw top names around that appear on their CV that they have opened for. However when your able to list such artists as Eric Clapton on that list you know your going to hear from a band that’s quite special.

Jack & Honey performed their single Thrill at a concert at the Rockwood Music Hall early this June. It was welcomed and enjoyed gaining high praise from fans and lighting up social media. The bands combination of funk, Indie and laced with soul is a recipe that Jack & Honey have harnessed to great effect.

Brooklyn based the band have performed live on numerous occasions. They mesmerise audiences young and old with captivating lyrics and beat that that caters for most tastes. The bands success so far comes from a drive and exhaustible attitude to deliver fun and good vibes through music. The band was formed by a group of friends in 2016 and the connection they have in friendship certainly transposes through their music.

On a personal note I first listened to the track whilst cooking for my family. The task is usually an arduous one however with Thrill playing I found a rhythm and enjoyment in what I was doing. I ramped up the volume and lost myself in the funky guitar back drop and husky voice of the front singer. In short well worth listening to, a good tune to get ready for a night on town with.


Review by Matthew Waters

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