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J0VANNA – TwentyOne [Review]

J0VANNA – TwentyOne [Review]

TwentyOne is the second single from Florida based J0VANNA.

TwentyOne is a coming of age tune that has the grace, guile and passion of an artist that is on top of their game. Following on from her first single, Brian on Fire, J0VANNA showcases a superb funk-filled pop ditty. Its playful groove swings around your ears, inviting you to relive, or look forward to, your years as a young adult.

The vocals on this one are absolutely top class. They’re powerful & controlled to bring the best out of the track. They float over the top of the catchy musical arrangement, which harks back to the golden age of disco. This fits naturally with the tune’s ethos, one of looking in the past, but also moving forward. TwentyOne is only the second single from J0VANNA, and with an EP in the pipeline, you won’t have to wait too long to hear more.

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