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Isadora Eden – Simple [Review]

Isadora Eden – Simple [Review]

Emerging singer-songwriter Isadora Eden strikes a chord with this stunning acoustic number ‘Simple’.



There’s an alluring and reflective calmness to ‘Simple’. It’s a stripped back and beautifully arranged acoustic cut from a performer swimming in potential.

In keeping with it’s name, ‘Simple’ is just that. Simple in its composition and production. But this simplicity does not take away from the song’s overriding charm. Isadora’s voice shines through against a minimalist and melancholy instrumentation. Standing out in a crowded musical sphere with nothing but your voice and six strings is no easy feat.

The song is subtle, low-key and unplugged, but makes a real impact regardless. Isadora’s sound feels raw and honest, without distraction, compromise or unwelcome interference.

Written in a Brooklyn basement last summer, Isadora humbly claims she was not really expecting much to come of it, but since gaining more attention, including an independent film license, it’s clear she was being far too modest.


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