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Inverted Jenny – Painkiller [Review]

Inverted Jenny – Painkiller [Review]

Inverted Jenny shares her latest track Painkiller.

Painkiller isn’t your run of the mill dream-pop tune. Catchy and instantly likeable, Inverted Jenny also brings way more to the table here. Floating around the wandering vocal melody is the abundance of surf style psychedelia. The playful guitar hooks are designed to take you by the hand and navigate you through the lucid musical forrest. The nostalgic feel that emanates from the lo-fi recording style adds another dimension, too. This is what sets the tune apart from the rest of your standard dream pop bangers.

You could be mistaken for thinking you’re listening to Melody’s Echo Chamber on first listen. Painkiller has the same fanciful essence and retro charisma as the dream-psych contemporaries. Inverted Jenny puts enough of her charm in the mix to set it apart though. It’s a refreshing take on an already saturated genre and is carried out with aplomb. Painkiller is the perfect track to have on in the lighter nights, gearing you up for summertime 2021.

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