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Into The Fray – Passengers [Review]

Into The Fray – Passengers [Review]

Get ready for Into The Fray’s latest song Passengers – it’s atmospheric, it’s indie and it’s going to make you want to listen to more of their music.

In the stirring vocals and strong guitar riffs you can tell the band were influenced by the likes of Thrice, Bon Iver and City and Colour.  Into The Fray are ambient indie rock, they’ve been inspired by some great music and have been successful in making their own sound.

You can really hear the passion in his voice of Lukas Klotzbach as he sings. He started Into The Fray as a solo project at the end of 2014. Klotzbach said, “Music sparks emotions in me that I barely reach in the real world. To me, music is escapism and compensation, a way into a utopia.”

“I write music to let go of troubles or to confront certain difficulties, while there’s also the hope the music also helps other people.”

Join the journey of Passengers and maybe you’ll escape your worries, and get lost Into The Fray.


Review by Ellie Lewis

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