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Interview: ZEALS

Interview: ZEALS

We caught up with awesome emerging UK pop/rock trio ZEALS, who’ve just released their new EP ‘Ready to Fly’.


How did Zeals get started? And what’s the meaning behind your name?

We were originally a 5 piece called Violet Heights, before that just a 3 piece with an idea, but yeah Violet Heights.

We went to record our first ep with our producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco, LTA, KIGH) and he said our name sounded like a hotel and was ultimately, pants. So we changed to IDLE HOUR. We then did a stint in Austria at a ski resort for a few months and the name just wasn’t clicking with the variety of accents.

So we were back in the UK, I was driving to a solo gig with our EP on and thinking of names and I drove through a village in southwest Wiltshire which was real nice, and the name just stung me in the eyes. I looked up the meaning, ‘a strong feeling for something or someone’, absolutely what our songs and passion are about, so yeah, we’re called ZEALS!


Who are your biggest influences and what kind of music are you aiming to create?

Don Broco, LTA, BMTH, The 1975, One Republic. We’re aiming to make ZEALS music.


What bands or artists are you into at the moment?

Loving Prides and the Xcerts at the mo.



Can you tell us a little about the idea behind your new track Feel It?

It’s a breakthrough track, wanting something more out of something you really care for.


How do you generally approach the songwriting process?

It’s always a different ball game, sometimes H writes a poppy love song, sometimes rob will bash out a beat on the sample pad and our bassy bezzie bill would cruise over it, sometimes Toby would rip a riff out, ultimately the lyrics are either already written in Harrisen’s book or he squeeze’s something out of his mind to sprinkle on the icing after.

ZEALS | Feel It (Lyric Video)

What live shows have you got coming up? Are you heading out on tour?

We may have a tour in the pipeline, we have some local shows in Weston-super-mare and Bristol, check our Facebook for deets!


What’s been you most interesting or memorable experience while playing in the band so far?

We had a cracking trip to Budapest to support a blues rock band called KING KING on an old war boat, that was pretty gnarly.


What new music can we expect from Zeals in the not too distant future?

We have lots of different dishes cooking up, but still that sweet n salty ZEALS flavor.


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Listen to ZEALS’ new EP ‘Ready to Fly’…


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