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Interview: Motherhood

Interview: Motherhood

We had the chance to chat to Evan Torrente, the lead singer of up-and-coming pop-rock outfit Motherhood, whose latest track ‘Save Me’ is already making waves!


How did Motherhood get started? And where did the name come from?

The four of us met at music uni in Liverpool a few years ago and started our band after a passionate boozy conversation about Taylor Swift. The name came from a conversation between myself and our drummer Ed a few weeks into being friends about our mums and families and the like. Washing the dishes after I muttered ‘mothership’, then ‘motherhood’ and we both looked at each other like ‘yeaaah Motherhood is perfect!’.


Who are your biggest influences and what kind of music are you aiming to create?

I know this is what every band says but we’re influenced by everything we’re into. The aim is to make interesting and catchy pop music, but invariably everything filters through. We’re all quite eclectic in our listening habits so it’s anything from Paul Simon to Tyler, the Creator to Pearl Jam.



What bands or artists are you into at the moment?

I can only really speak for myself and from our group chat, but I’m into the new Tyler, the Creator album. We’ve all been raving about that new SZA album Ctrl for the past few months. J Hus’ Common Sense is incredible too.


Your new track Save Me has just premiered, can you tell us a little about the idea behind the track?

I wrote that song a few months after moving to uni when a little bit of loneliness set in. It’s about THE person of interest I had when I was 15-17, that one person from your teens that sticks with you. For some reason they were on my mind at the time and that song just happened to come out. It was a very natural song to write, so regardless of the slightly soppy backstory, I’m very proud of it because it describes exactly how I felt.


How do you generally approach the songwriting process?

It usually tends to start with me or one of the boys presenting an idea and us taking it from there. It can be anything from a short musical part or a melody, or I could have a full song or just parts of it written. We then go on and work on it together and sit on it for 3 months going ‘huhhh is it any goood?’ before committing to it and calling it a song.



What live shows have you got coming up? Are you heading out on tour?

We’ve got plans for dates in autumn that will be announced soon!


What’s been you most interesting or memorable experience while playing in the band so far?

We played a Sofar session in London in January, it was our first time playing anywhere outside of Liverpool to people we didn’t know. It was a living room full of 60 odd Londoners and we were all sooo nervous. 2 minutes in we had this whole room of strangers singing our song ‘Clueless’ back to us, laughing at the lyrics and dancing in the kitchen. That night gave us so much confidence in our songs, our live set and us as a band. We just laughed giddily at the back of the car like kids the whole drive home.


What new music can we expect from Motherhood in the not too distant future?

Together with ‘Save Me’ we’ve recorded an EP of 5 songs that comes out in autumn of this year! We are very excited!


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Listen to ‘Save Me’ here:


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