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Inflection Point – Let Me In [Review]

Inflection Point – Let Me In [Review]

4-piece American hard rockers Inflection Point arrive with a surging powerhouse of a debut single.

On “Let Me In”, the New York based outfit deliver 3 and a half minutes of relentless, throbbing heavy rock reminiscent of the classic sound of bands like Soundgarden and Incubus. It’s an epic statement of intent from a band clearly hoping to emulate the heights reached by those who inspired them.

The straightforward, yet uplifting lyrics of defiance and togetherness in the face of conflict and hardship are delivered powerfully in a spirit of passionate defiance by vocalist Casey Honig. A special mention needs to go the excellent production, done by the band’s guitarist Voley Martin; there’s a hell of a lot going on in this track, from the multi-layered, riff-laden guitars to a multitude of drum fills, but Martin manages to flawlessly harmonise each element into a delightful cacophony of sound without losing anything in the mix.

Although it does at times sound slightly overblown and hyperbolic, this anthemic track already suggests Inflection Point are well on their way to becoming masters of their craft.


Review by Jamie George

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