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Hypergear – Buzz [Review]

Hypergear – Buzz [Review]

The alternative Milan-based electric rock trio Hypergear have released their latest single, Buzz.

In a synth rhapsody that lets listeners in on a tumultuous inner dialogue of loss, singer Sascha Giordano reaches through a euphony of guitar, piano, and synthesizers to leave listeners wondering, at what point in the technological reality we have come to know will we all be forced to cross the line, leaving an empathetic humanity behind for the disconnect of technology?

‘Buzz’ is a fantastic journey rooted in the strength of Hypergear’s command of the electric rock genre. Considering that the band, though started in 2013 only in the past few years found their purpose by combining the talents of Giordano with The Lyvers’ Federico and Gianluca, fans can expect music that imitates this convergence of talent, skill, and passion—humanity and technology, strong guitar and delicate piano, sacrifice and selfishness. If ‘Buzz’ is any indication, the hum will turn into acclaim.


Review by Madison Obermeyer

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