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Sydney based alt-rock band HURST are back with their rocking new single ‘Rattle Kids’.

The song is one of nostalgia and warming memories as the Sydney rockers talk about growing up in a quiet place where they had to make their own fun… maybe getting into a little mischief at times! The beginning of their new music video for ‘Rattle Kids’ states: “There’s not much to do in Western Sydney so we had to create our own fun”.

‘Rattle Kids’ has an extremely 90’s alt-rock vibe about it and a music video to match! The beginning is made to look as though it were filmed on an old school camcorder but moving on through, the screen changes to mimic that of a Snapchat recording, bringing us back to present day. Perhaps this is to portray the way that despite growing older, this feisty quartet hasn’t forgotten their roots and still know how to have a laugh!

This new single practically screams youthfulness and liberty through the wonderfully catchy vocal tones of frontwoman Ana Veira accompanied by the fun and dynamic guitars in the background.

‘Rattle Kids’ features on the second EP from HURST which is coming soon however in the mean time, go check out their new fun-filled music video!


Review by Sian Vadher

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