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House Plants – Conflicted [Review]

House Plants – Conflicted [Review]

Conflicted is the latest record from House Plants.

Kyle Stringer (AKA House Plants) started this journey in 2015 with various voice memos on his iPhone. Fast forward 5 years and the final version of those recordings are ready to be released to the masses. It’s worth the wait as the melancholic and intimate sounds strike a lasting chord with the listener.

The harmonies are perfect, mirroring the sombre tale being told. Tender and raw, the whole track submerges you in a sea of emotion. Powerful lyrics confidently relate to a notoriously difficult subject – death. This is delicately carried out by Stringer in the heartfelt way he sings. It’s a short and sweet ode to dealing with something so emotionally charged, carried out with exquisite tone, style and grace.

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