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Hotel Mira – Baby [Review]

Hotel Mira – Baby [Review]

“Baby” is the new single from alternative rock band Hotel Mira, a project fronted by Charlie Kerr, alongside guitarist Colton Lauro and bassist Mike Noble.

The song was written with the help of Alexis from Youngblood, in conjunction with producer Dave Schiffman (Vampire Weekend, HAIM), and tells the story of a person coming to the realisation that they can love someone despite not being able to take care of them. Dealing with themes of abandonment and how it feels to be an outcast, “Baby” expresses its ideas in a concise and simple manner, perhaps best verbalised by the line ‘baby, I’ve been crying for you’.

Kerr’s aim with “Baby” was to create a song with energy, sharp hooks and memorable melodies, and this has been achieved through punchy lyrics and a slick chorus which encapsulates the discontent at the heart of the narrative. The track becomes increasingly frenetic as it goes on, capturing the urgency and desperation that one feels when they are unable to get what they want from love.

“Baby” is a strong and polished effort from Hotel Mira which admirably conveys its message to the listener. The song is essentially a story being told to the audience, with the chorus acting as a retrospective on said story, and to Kerr’s credit this works admirably well.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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