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Hop Along dance like no one is watching in their new video ‘How Simple’.

Philadelphia indie quartet Hop Along have released a new video for their recent single ‘How Simple’, taken from their album Bark Your Head Off, Dog, which was released in April 2018.

Frontwoman Frances Quinlan is the focus of Derrick Belcham’s blithe, artistic and mesmerising video. The award-winning filmmaker has worked with the likes of Marissa Nadler, Laurie Anderson and Grouper. During the video, he captures Quinlan as she exuberantly sings and dances through her home. She is alluring and beguiling throughout the video, dancing with abandon, passing by bandmates and ending in a strobe-lit party amongst other women singing along to the chorus.

The lead track and first single, is an example of everything that makes Hop Along so appealing. The song begins with Quinlan’s inimitable vocals, a subtle intricate rhythm section, exposed guitars and ends with an enchanted string outro. However, it is Quinlan’s audacious and idiosyncratic lyricism that makes the track so intriguing. Throughout the song she battles with feelings of transient self-love, anxiety and mortality. Her poetic storytelling is exemplified in the line, “How simple my heart can be / Frightens me”. Such deeply introspective lyricism is what makes Hop Along resonate with so many.

Hop Along have recently announced a spring tour, tickets for which are now on sale.


Review by Kate Pearson

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