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HiL – Wine [Review]

HiL – Wine [Review]

HiL has released the second single ‘Wine’ from his upcoming album following the high-energy single ‘Users.’

The Austin, Texas-based pop rock/funk artist is electrifying and vibrant right out of the gate with a technicolor sound so exciting you can practically see it, or better yet, feel its pulse.

If you were to close your eyes while listening to this track, you could either be on a neon-lit club dance floor or at a spin class. However, where the beat carries the strength of the song, the vocals seem to hold it back; what can at first be endearingly interpreted as a nod to Michael Jackson quickly turns to a screechy repetition.

The single, in its funky and free manner, is a nod to the artist’s home: Austin, a city as weird as it is a breath of fresh air.

Despite falling short lyrically, ‘Wine,’ without doubt, is a great deal of fun and only increases the energy and hype surrounding the release of the full album.


Review by Madison Obermeyer

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