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Hibou – Malison [Review]

Hibou – Malison [Review]

Prismatic, compelling and a delight for the ears. The ex-Craft Spells drummer Peter Michael’s new band Hibou have dropped their third track ‘Malison’ from their upcoming album ‘Something Familiar.’

The tune in keeping with their previous work focuses on a dream pop vibe. Although this song is in keeping with their previous tunes such as Valium, this single definitely holds its own. The sound they have produced is hypnotic and I could honestly listen to it on repeat. The pop instrumentals alongside Michaels faded vocals and the hearty tempo of the track gives it an overall idiosyncratic sound. The melody rises and falls throughout making this song diverse, dynamic and hooking from the outset.

It is truly kaleidoscopic in its style, Hibou’s sound is extremely unique and not one dimensional. Malison is another creative masterpiece from Hibou and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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