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Hibou – Junipero Love [Review]

Hibou – Junipero Love [Review]

Junipero Love is the latest chillwave track from US alternative electro-pop band Hibou.

The introduction swells with a sweet synth and immediately brings to mind the possibility of 80s pop influences. Then the guitar strums starts, giving the song a breezy, summery feeling.

It comes as no surprise – especially helped by the title of the track – the inspiration for this song comes from the Emmy award winning ‘San Junipero’ episode, from the Black Mirror television series. The episode pays homage to the 80s era in a small, seaside town; Junipero Love, with its dreamy, bedroom pop style, pays a sterling tribute to it.

However, take a closer listen to the lyrics and it becomes apparent it’s not just another summer pop song, just like San Junipero is not the ideal town it first appears to be. Peter Michel, the man behind Hibou, explained the emotions he felt while writing: “The contrast between the two worlds depicted in the episode hit very close to home for me. I often feel torn between a conscious state and losing a hold of my memories and who I am.”

Michel’s ongoing battle with anxiety and depersonalization was a major factor as he created his latest album Something Familiar. Junipero Love is the first single to be released from it and shows great promise for the rest of Hibou’s new music.

Something Familiar will be released on March 2nd.


Review by Ellie Lewis

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