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Hey Anna – Garage Queen [Review]

Hey Anna – Garage Queen [Review]

Indie-pop outfit Hey Anna are back with a dreamy new single ‘Garage Queen’.



According to the band, they’ve been sitting on this one for a while, tweaking this and tweaking that, but never quite bringing it forward for release. Until now that is.

Now it’s here, we think it was worth the wait. Drenched in reverberating guitars and driving drums lines, there’s a certain surf-pop swing to the track. Combine that with the swirling vocals and shifting rhythms, and what you’ve got is alternative indie gold.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise through. Hey Anna are a staple of the NYC music scene and have a habit for crafting infectious indie-pop, having captured audiences across the globe in the past, with international airplay and worldwide tours.

There’s a smooth and familiar sound to Garage Queen that sits somewhere between Vampire Weekend and Blondie. Despite it’s vacillate origins, it feels like a purposeful song from a band that knows themselves and what they’re setting out to achieve.

Right now, the band is writing songs for their second album. No date for that yet, but sounds like it’s on the horizon.


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