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Hendrix Harris – New Chains [Review]

Hendrix Harris – New Chains [Review]

“New Chains” is the latest release from Parisian production team G E N I US and is the last of four tracks presenting Hendrix Harris as a solo artist.

The song is a relaxed and mellow effort from Harris which feels perfectly suited to summer listening, transfixing the listener with smooth, assured vocals.

Harris’ silky voice carries the track from start to finish and injects it with a sense of confidence, and although it’s a song with a chilled tone there’s a soulful edge to it which stems from the vocals.

“New Chains” is a song which seems simple on the surface, giving it an easy listening quality, but there’s a sureness to it which speaks to the talent of both the producers and the artist. It’s a track which you’ll have no trouble playing on repeat as you enjoy the summer sun, and it’s no surprise that Harris amassed more than 250,000 listens on Spotify last month.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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