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Hendrix — Be Someone [Review]

Hendrix — Be Someone [Review]

California-based singer-songwriter Hendrix has released his latest single ‘Be Someone.’

Hendrix Episode 4 - BE SOMEONE

Vocal and instrumental choruses weave together to seamlessly create a nostalgic tune. The influence of Hendrix’s childhood is quickly noted in his music; growing up as part of a military family before then joining the Marines himself, Hendrix used his time listening to music as a refuge — a quirk that contributes to his introspective, personal music.

Distinctive qualities from music of the 70s and 80s are also evident in ‘Be Someone;’ to the familiar ear, sounds partial to the 80s band New Order can be identified. Unusual instrumental mixture swirl around (I suggest listening to this track with headphones in for the full experience) and interact with each other, never clashing or creating cacophonous noises.

While the track is beautifully mixed and evokes a certain nostalgia that I’m unsure if I experienced alone or am currently experiencing in unity amongst Hendrix’s other listeners, the song limits itself to background noise.

Hendrix’s skill is apparent. His vocals are insanely strong and lustrous.

But ‘Be Someone?’ I wish it could be something more than a leading single off a movie soundtrack. There’s no doubt that this latest release is a good song; it just, perhaps, gets lost in the introspective feelings it creates.


By Madison Obermeyer

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