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Heckyl – Bubblegum [Review]

Heckyl – Bubblegum [Review]

Bubblegum is the fifth single from electro-pop artist Heckyl.

I can’t think of a more fitting title to this track. Bubblegum has an infectious bounce to it, coupled with top quality vocal melodies. It’s no wonder that Heckyl, real name Luke Potter, has over 25 million Spotify streams credited to his name. Heckyl has a knack for creating these kinds of memorable pop bangers that do exactly what they say on the tin.

The interesting thing about his 5th single is the euro-pop vibe that oozes out. The production is second to none, with genre-specific toppers and synth tones used perfectly to provide a well rounded, mature track. The track booms with scintillating drops and a sweetly woven guitar melody. All in all, Bubblegum is one of the standout pop tunes of the summer.

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