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Harts – 21&19 [Review]

Harts – 21&19 [Review]

Sit back and mellow out to this funkified R&B cut from Indian born artist Harts, brimming with feel good sensations from start to finish.

Harts – 21&19 [Official Audio]

The first thing that strikes you is the West Coast USA influence shimmering through the prominent deep bass line, which is something that clings to you throughout. You are shot back to the Cali summer days of the 90’s, which the greats like Tupac and Dre so often vibed about. There is an instant hazy coolness surrounding this track, mainly created by the nostalgia you get from the West Coast influences, which is combined with a hint of modernity from the underlying harmonies, bringing a phresh dynamic to the record.

The content of the lyrics are somewhat overshadowed by the dutty mix, as they are about the struggles of what you experience being 21 & 19. However, the free flowing tune that bursts through create a carefree feel that is so often associated with being that age. The two contrasts are measured excellently, producing sublime summery tuneage.

Harts, who is now based in Australia, continues his meteoric rise with this new banger, which has followed dabblings in American TV on NBC sitcom ‘Powerless’, not to mention a video premiere on Conan O’Brien’s digital channel, ‘Team Coco’.

‘21&19’ is out now, so sip on some ‘Yac and sway along to this golden summer tune!


Review by Tom Crowder

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