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Hank – Pieces [Review]

Hank – Pieces [Review]

The talented musicians of Hank present a boldly creative and soulful sound on their latest release, ‘Pieces’

A refreshing mix of indie-rock, neo-soul, and jazz, ‘Pieces’ marks Hank as a group that doesn’t let labels get in the way of making great, genuine music. The London-based group brings together a diverse range of musicians, united in a common goal of creating soulful and inspiring music.

‘Pieces’ opens to a pop-rock sound, with an upbeat electric guitar riff that is soon met with a crash of drums and warm piano chords. The vocals are distinctly indie-rock inspired, with a gentle but eager tone. Despite the decidedly optimistic instrumentation and lively high-hat beat in the chorus, the lyrics are bittersweet, featuring the repeated refrain: ‘Won’t you stay . . . But if you stay – stay.’ The tragic undertones of ‘Pieces’ finally come to light in the outro, with a poignant instrumental section featuring cinematic synths and tender piano.

Without a doubt, Hank is a group of seriously talented musicians, who clearly take pride in their craft. By refusing to conform their sound to tick any one box, they have skilfully put together an act that places musical excellence and playfulness at the forefront of their radiant sound.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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