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The Australian trio, Halcyon Drive have dropped their newest single ‘Silver Ray’.

The track has pop centric focus combined with subtle indie undertones. Influenced by a wide scope of artists, such as the likes of Neil Finn, Fall of Troy and David Byrne, the band have clearly pooled together a multitude of different styles to carve out their own unique sound. The song has a happy go lucky vibe, whilst also having a strong and edgy refrain. This is an interesting but effective collaboration that makes ‘Silver Ray’ a captivating listen.

The band have an evident confidence in their style and this is not surprising as they met at a young age. Mich Oechsle and Max Pamieta met studying design together at university and ever since then they have become a musical force to be reckoned with. The boys claim that their background knowledge of design has proved beneficial to their music career and that it has informed their stylistic sound. Max explains that “knowing at what point one should grovel in the detail, and when it is okay to bin an idea,” is something that their previous creative experience has made them extremely confident with.

The band claim that they are nearly ready to release their debut album and in light of their current work, this anticipates to be an album full of rich melodies and imaginative concepts. With a national tour on the horizon, this band are destined for a successful future. I would definitely watch out for these guys.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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