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The Habits – Ghost [Review]

The Habits – Ghost [Review]

LA based, alt pop/rock trio, The Habits have followed up their previous release ‘Feeling It’, changing pace with an impressive new track ‘Ghost’.

It doesn’t take long for you to become engulfed by the sheer energy that ‘Ghost’ creates. The vocals are accompanied with somewhat shadowy acoustic guitar for the first 20 seconds, but afterwards everything else comes crashing in. It’s a barrage of liquid sound washing over you, like when a surfer crashes into the serf. It’s quite fitting, given that the song is about the ebb and flow of modern-day trials and romantic tribulations.

You can hear elements from both sides of the genres they stand in, blending well and creating a real substance to the song. Sometimes when the two collide you find the product can be weak sonically, however not the case here. The driving bass underneath the catchy lyrics mirrors bands like Maroon 5, with a tea spoon of the raw, youthful power that emits from a blistering rock track. Their confidence is in abundance and its easy to see why.

In essence, what I am trying to say is that it’s wonderfully produced and obviously carefully written, staying with you for days after listening. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any more new ones from these guys!


Review by Tom Crowder

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