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Gyasi – You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To [Review]

Gyasi – You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To [Review]

‘You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To’ is the infectious new track from psych rocker Gyasi.

Gyasi is one of the modern-day rock stars, and his music style is as if he’s been transported from the rock days of the 70s and 80s, styled by the likes of T. Rex and The Who.

This track echoes inspiration from the classic rock songs, and it features all the elements to put it right up there with them.  Upbeat from the start, with a strong percussion throughout, it’s one to immediately get the foot tapping.  The message of reflecting on love lost is portrayed instantly through the vocal tone, and twinned with a feminine harmony over the chorus, allows you to feel as though he’s singing straight to you.  There is almost a tin-style echo to the vocals, portraying the illusion that you’re listening at an intimate gig ten feet away.

Gyasi, raised in the woods of West Virginia surrounded by beautiful peacocks, allows the listener to almost hear colours.  He brings together a perfect blend of classic rock sounds and a wide range of instruments, each one clearly distinguished, creating what sounds like a rock rainbow.  There is a beautiful vulnerability given from the harmonising vocals, which makes this track feel very personal from the artist.  This is a catchy track from the get go and you’ll be hooked immediately!


Review by Helen Radford

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