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Guillotine Sunbeam – Bars Beneath Your Skin [Review]

Guillotine Sunbeam – Bars Beneath Your Skin [Review]

Guillotine Sunbeam brings us a lightening display of a wonderous soundscape in his new single Bars beneath your skin.

Yoni Collier has fished around the musical pond for a little while now, however Bars beneath your skin is him taking his first furtive steps in producing his own material. The lyrics for his new track take on a great stop start rhythm that allows the focus to be drawn to the instrumentals as they peak time after time. The whole track flows really well, it’s layers of mood enticing lyrics and instrumentals really draw you into the track and keeps you guessing to what’s going to come next.

Despite being his first solo outing Yoni’s obvious talent shines through in every second of the well produced track. Yoni himself felt a little intimidated at the fact of not having a band around him when producing the track but his own unique sound and voice are more than good enough to carry the whole track well.

Bars beneath your skin will keep your foot tapping until your head starts bobbing and then back to foot tapping with its intricate instrumentals that build up energy alongside the lyrics before bursting into a Kaleidoscope of sound. I personally really enjoyed the flow of the track and feel that this is just the start of the musical solo journey for Yoni. Guillotine Sunbeam is going to go far and Bars beneath your skin is simply the first superb footnote in what looks to be a great career ahead.


Review by Matthew Waters

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