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Grand Lotus – Australia [Review]

Grand Lotus – Australia [Review]

Hailing from Florida USA, Grand Lotus bring a fantastically chilled out record to the table, blending dulcet guitar shimmers and enticing vocal melodies designed to relax you after a hard days work.

The first thing that hits you is the surf like, indiesque guitar hook, which remains consistent right through. The attention to the tone is of the highest calibre, with the reverb and delay concoct beautifully, powerful and smooth, fitting nicely with the general mood of the tune. This complements the wondrous style of the vocals perfectly. They catch your attention immediately via the lulling falsetto, but they also vary throughout the verse making sure you’re captivated. The bass and drums keep the song ticking over, but that’s what you expect from a well worked tune. In this however, you really notice the slight nuances that this section brings, again keeping your interest piqued.

As if out of nowhere, a blisteringly clinical guitar solo breaks through the otherwise chilled out record. This is what really sets the song apart, as it harks back to to the classic rock giants, piercing your ears in a sensuous way, making you contort your face into that weird shape everyone does when they hear a killer solo. Its a great touch as it surges a classic vibe right into the heart of the modern age, whilst not forgetting to remain true to the easy going nature. On the whole, its indie surf rock at its best, leaving a lingering sensation that latches on and refuses to let go until you forget your stresses.


Review by Tom Crowder

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