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Grace Jackson – Dreams [Review]

Grace Jackson – Dreams [Review]

Minimalist beats, and soaring vocals tell a beautiful tale in Grace Jackson’s debut single DREAMS.

East London born Grace Jackson has a serious history with songwriting, having spent her formative years touring with London Symphony Orchestra, Jackson has been perfecting her art since the age of 13.


So how does her debut release stack up?

The verses keep things stripped back and bare –  allowing her vocals to cruise poetically over the the drum machines and moody piano chords, Jackson clearly understands dynamic range, as the music swells towards a thunderous chorus with powerful vocals. There’s a real sense of strain that comes through here, it’s powerful but melancholy.

For a first release the production is clean and simple, while “less is more” is fine, I’m really looking forward to seeing some more development in this area, as her vocals and songwriting are on point.


Follow Grace Jackson here: 

Instagram @grace.jackson
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