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Grace Gillespie – Restoration [Review]

Grace Gillespie – Restoration [Review]

London based new age folk sensation Grace Gillespie is bursting onto the scene with her new cut Restoration.

From the very first moment of the track you are immersed into Grace’s quaint world, filled with echoey vocals and a haunting yet easy-going ambiance, reminiscent of Bon Iver.

There’s plenty in the mix to make this tune stand apart. Restoration is eloquently and excellently crafted, with strong heartfelt vibes at every moment, whether it’s the introspective lyrics or the hollow guitar tones. There is a real sensitivity to the song, too, showcased by the sweetly woven harmonies scattered throughout vocal melodies that exude a tender dynamic.

Grace Gillespie is no stranger to the music business. After touring with dream pop artist Pixx, she caught the eye of no other than Newton Faulkner and subsequently teamed up with record label Kaleidoscope to release this first solo venture. If this is what we can expect from the rest of her journey, we’re in for a treat.


Review by Tom Crowder

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