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GR3YWXLF – MAD. [Review]

GR3YWXLF – MAD. [Review]

London-based ‘audio pirate’ GR3YWXLF has released his new single ‘Mad.’

Amid synthetic, imperfect harmonies, GR#YWXLF hints at playfulness in lyrical reference and philosophy; however, the strength of the artist’s skills are solidified in the beat itself.

GR3YWXLF’s secret? His audacious, surefire confidence.

The self-proclaimed ‘enigmatic supervillain’ pushes the boundaries of conventional hip hop with melodic styled rap and a beat so tactile and present listeners don’t need a lyric or music video; it’s enough to close your eyes and feel the beat pulse from your mind down to your fingertips.

That mental-to-physical transition is perhaps the most important for any artist to achieve, as fans understand and share the emotion created by music—what was once an idea, a burst of passion, has materialized into nearly three minutes of one of the most widely shared and misunderstood music genres, ever: hip hop.

GR3YWXLF will continue to flex that confidence muscle throughout 2019 as he releases a new single each month. We can’t be sure what he’ll churn out next, but expect passion, flow, and a fresh beat.


By Madison Obermeyer

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