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GR3YWXLF – Killmonger [Review]

GR3YWXLF – Killmonger [Review]

Jamaican born London native GR3YWXLF’s newest single is not your run of the mill hip hop track.

In the song he combines pop culture references with comic book philosophy inspired by Black Panther’s villain Killmonger. Drawing influences from artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and MF DOOM among others GR3YWXLF was also inspired by film, ultimately creating a single that belongs in the back of a Tarantino movie.

Besides the way ‘Killmonger’ pays homage to film, it is unique in its storytelling. GR3YWXLF executes the delicate art of being quirky and clever, without being corny with his wordplay. His flow is original, it differs from the cadences we are witnessing in mainstream hip hop right now.

The song is independent of a chorus, relying completely on a stream of consciousness that carries on from beginning to end. His flow contrasts the instrumental, a calming yet subtly eerie loop that surprisingly doesn’t get old. By the time it’s over, you’ll definitely need to give it another listen to digest all the lyrical prowess that GR3YWXLF possesses.


Review by Tymie Jadagu

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