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Gon von Zola – Blue Is…

Gon von Zola – Blue Is…

Blue is…, the newest single by Gon von Zola embodies a jovial, and radiant vibe accompanied by complimentary dark undertones.

The song plays tribute to the 80’s classic fim The Goonies with its mention of flooded caves, invisible friends and, treasure chests. Formerly known under his stage name The Budda Cakes, Gon Von Zola has truly had to fight his way to the forefront of the music scene. The German born musician joined the squatting scene in London playing every club he could to get his music heard.

Now Zola has truly made his mark on this industry having been championed by the likes of NME and Timeout, as well as supporting Kate Nash and Mystery Jets on their most recent tours. Gon von Zola is definitely worth a listen, whether you go to see him at any upcoming festivals, or simply add him to your summer playlist, his experimental style does not disappoint.


Review by Georgia Jackson

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