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Glom – Matches [Review]

Glom – Matches [Review]

Brooklyn based Glom have released their latest track Matches.

The 6 piece multi-instrumentalists bring their lo-fi sound to the masses with their alt-rock banger. Childhood friends Sean Dunnevant, Peter Beiser, Sahil Ansari and Jonathan Harwood started out covering songs by The Strokes. They ended up enlisting the help of Jordan Wolff and Jonathan Crandall to produce what is in front of us. It’s a brilliant piece of alt-rock-meets-fuzz-grunge, with the relentless rhythmic element eventually giving way to a blistering finale.

Their sound is wonderfully reminiscent of the early 2010s alternative indie bands like Yuck. There’s a simple and exquisite melody that surrounds the raw, meandering vocal style. The track has the perfect amount of fuzziness. It’s laid over the top with panache, not too little and not too much, leaving you to bask in the memorable musical hooks. Be sure to check out their sophomore album Merit too, which is currently in the pipeline.

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